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Sweater Pillows – Few DIY Ideas

You will find out how to repurpose your old sweaters into cute and comfortable pillows that can serve multiple purposes in your home. Do not trash your old sweater because of holes on it; rather reuse it to make some fanciful pillows for your couch. Our friends from : visit their website gave us a great idea what to do with an old sweater.

Here are the lists of materials you need to carry out this project. They include throw pillow, sweater, scissors, thread, needle, stickpins, and buttons.

Let us follow a systematic approach and show you how to create your own sweater pillows.

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Keep on Self –Improving – Improve Recycling at Home

The world began to experience recycling of materials about forty years ago in the United States of America, when a paper industry used waste papers to express the quality of their products to the public.

Your self-improvement skills and techniques are measured in your ability to organise your home. There is an old saying “charity begins at home”. Therefore, ‘recycling should also begin at home with you’. This act is regulated by nature; it is the basis of existence and designed for progress and survival of all creatures. However, we are looking at ways you can improve recycling of discarded materials at home.

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How To Easy Refashion Old Trench

This entails taking old clothing from your wardrobe or thrift stores and changing them into new fashion. You can consider refashioning that your old coat instead of discarding it and giving it a stylish appearance. This simple project would not stress you at all and you can complete it within few days...

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DIY Easy Halloween Hair Accessories

Every girl needs fashionable hair accessories like hair bows and clips. These accessories could be really, expensive but if you decide to make yourself, it will be better. This Do-It-Yourself project will enlighten you on the processes of making your own beauty costume using Halloween hair accessories. There are different types of Halloween hair accessories like the bat headband, blue butterfly crown, Frida flower crown, starry headband, deer antler floral headband, and much more...

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Self-Improvement is Exhausting

I'm so bloody tired. I can't believe how many things I have to be across on the daily. I used to just live. I think that must mean I was a walking streak of pure, unhealthy, self-indulgent evil. Because these days, there's just too much to consider, to do, to plan, to improve. I'm bloody exhausted.

This is the shit I'm working on:


Do you know how hard it is to get your brain to just be still and notice shit? This is the most perverse sort of torture. I've been working on...

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Test Your Own Testosterone



I've spent a bit of time in the company of straight Australianmen lately. Friendship and sibling basis only. And I've been privy to the male psyche in a way that has left me feeling frustrated, bewildered and at times, in fits of laughter. The stereotype of the heterosexual Australian male is one of macho, homophobic, emotionally...

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A Few Good Pigs

Men can be disappointing. But I know quite a few who keep the hope alive. Obviously they are already squared away in happy coupledom but I think they can be easily overlooked.

Here's a little story about my three brothers. Three of my best friends. 

The first of the little pigs built his house out of straw. We always wrote that pig off...

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Pro Stuff

Tim Minchin, the clever fellow was captured last year at a Western Australian university, giving a keynote speech on life. It was one of the most brilliant things I saw on youtube last year and if you haven't been lucky enough to catch it, I will provide the link at the end. I don't want you to stop reading just yet.

Anyway. One of his 'things'

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Oh Swedes, You Clever, Clever Bastards

Recently on a reluctant IKEA run (is there any other kind), it occured to me that the Swedes are taking the piss out of the rest of us and have been for years.

Consider this: apart from trying to pronounce their product names, have you ever given any thought to the meaning of the labels?? Sure, you've held the catalogue up to your partner or...

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