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DIY Easy Halloween Hair Accessories

Every girl needs fashionable hair accessories like hair bows and clips. These accessories could be really, expensive but if you decide to make yourself, it will be better. This Do-It-Yourself project will enlighten you on the processes of making your own beauty costume using Halloween hair accessories.

There are different types of Halloween hair accessories like the bat headband, blue butterfly crown, Frida flower crown, starry headband, deer antler floral headband, and much more.

Let us learn how you could make these amazing hair accessories by yourself.

1. The bat headband

If you want to appear in a moderate costume, this is the right attire for you. These are the steps: stack and fold two sheets of black paper in half. Then trace it and cut out. Use a black craft wire to put a hole in the center of one bat and glue the second bat on top, inserting wire in the middle. Wrap the end of wire around a thin headband; repeat this process as you add more bats. The bat headband

2. Blue butterfly crown

Do you want to look gorgeous and trendy? This headband will give you a fashionable appearance and it is very easy to make. Change your traditional costume with this beautiful butterfly crown on your head. This headband is designed with blue feather butterflies. It is the ideal costume for weddings, parties, festivals, etc. Blue butterfly crown

3. Frida flower crown

The velvet mode presents us with this fascinating headband prepared by Frida Kahlo. You can rock with the pattern of her craft on your head. The materials you need to make your own Frida’s crown are yarn, artificial flowers, scissors, glue sticks, braided elastic, and ribbon.
Frida flower crown

4. Starry headband

Do you want to appear like the glamour stars? Then you need this starry headband to distinguish yourself from the crowd. This is the ideal and most fantastic headband for cocktail parties and it will bring out the most sensational look in you. Starry headband

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