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Sweater Pillows – Few DIY Ideas

You will find out how to repurpose your old sweaters into cute and comfortable pillows that can serve multiple purposes in your home. Do not trash your old sweater because of holes on it; rather reuse it to make some fanciful pillows for your couch. Our friends from : visit their website gave us a great idea what to do with an old sweater.

Here are the lists of materials you need to carry out this project. They include throw pillow, sweater, scissors, thread, needle, stickpins, and buttons.

Let us follow a systematic approach and show you how to create your own sweater pillows.

1. Gather the materials you need for this project

The first step towards realizing your dreamed project is by gathering all these materials on the list. When you have all these stuffs then it is time to begin by stuffing the sweater with the pillows and ensure it is comfortable all round.

2. Cut off the sleeves and neck of the sweater you stuffed with pillow

You can cut off the sleeves and neck of the sweater after you have stuffed it with pillows. Buttons could be used to embellish and beautify the edges of the sweater. Meanwhile, you can use the pins to hold the edges of the sweater as you fix the buttons.

3. Remove the pillow and fix the buttons

At this stage, you can remove the pillows and fix the buttons with your needle and thread. Make sure you give gap at the edges to create a good shape for the pillow. You can also add different colors of buttons, snaps, and Velcro to beautify the pillow.

4. Put back the pillows in the sweater

When you have finished sewing the buttons, you can replace the pillows in the sweater. Then carefully fold the edges inwards in a neat way at the back of the pillow to avoid roughness. You can also cut off excess part of the edges if there is the need. Now you can sew some stitches with your needle and thread to join the edges and give it a good outlook. You can also sew other stitches at the center of the pillow to make it stronger and hold everything together. In addition, you can run the thread twice around the edges carefully; this is to ensure they would not easily get loose when pressure is exerted onto the pillow.

5. At this stage check out your product

You will see a comfortable and fanciful pillow for your couch and lounge. You can decide to make them in sizes according to your choice.

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